I was just complaining about the lack of POC characters on Once Upon A Time and my post died. .__.

Oh well. Doesn’t make me any less pissed. That they’ve only touched Mulan, and Pocahontas, Jasmine, and Tiana haven’t been used yet, but they’re already using their precious Elsa and Anna.


all of this!!



Sandora Ruiz (Art By Sandora) and her comic art.

[FRA] Je l’ai découverte il y a quelques jours car elle avait “liké” certains de mes posts sur instagram. En allant sur son profile j’ai vu qu’elle dessinait quelques toiles. Certaines sont à vendre si ça vous intéresse.

[ENG] I discovered her a few days ago because she liked some of my posts on instagram. By going to her profile I saw that she drew some paintings. Some are for sale if you’re interested.

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